47" LED (LG)
60" Projection Full Custom cabinet  by  The Stereo Guy
150" / 7500w/ 7.1
Alantic Tech. 6200 Series Speakers
Speaker closeup
52" Mitsubishi Custom shelf system by The Stereo Guy.
Room remodel by The Stereo Guy
Custom cabinet made to blend with exsisting woodwork.
60" LG and Custom wood work by The Stereo Guy.
Side view of the 47" LED
Things are starting to take shape.
106"  with Dwin projector, Sun fire electronics, and PSB speakers. (2650 watts)
PSB in cabinet speakers and Sun fire sub.
This is were it SHOULD start.
Not quite the do it your self project.
This is were the magic happens
If you can't hide it display it.
14 Zone 4 Source commercial sound system.
42" over fireplace.
This is the first step.
Custom maple cabinet with glass inlay top by The Stereo Guy
Yes The Stereo Guy does video on pathology microscopes.
Theater electronics and 2nd zone amp.
106" acousticly transparent screen (the left, center, and right speakers are behind the screen).
Zone 2 runs the game area.
Yamaha sound bar custom mounted to 50" plasma.
60" plasma custom mounted with custom fill all designed and built by The Stereo Guy.
50" plasma and Yamaha reciever.